Kaidi Lithium Ion Battery Pack Power Supply


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Kaidi battery pack power supply For Power Recliners and Lift Chairs, and Sofas. Use your Power Furniture free from the constrictions of power cables with this Battery Pack Power Supply. This is KD Part Number KDDY022.This Lithium Ion Battery Pack Will Charge Directly From any Standard 2 Pin Connector Power Supply and Then Can Be used for Up to 200 Cycles on single Charge. **Please Note Handsets with a backlit display, LED light or USB function will draw additional power and thus drain the battery faster. The complete open and close of chair lift mechanism is one cycle. Compact and Powerful Design. Takes Approximately 8 Hours to Charge with Red/Green Indicator light that notifies you when charged. . No additional cables needed to charge unit this will plug into standard 2 pin transformer and charge directly from transformer.

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